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Having Shoulder Surgery? - New Post Surgery Clothing Available


What is a SlingShirt®?
SlingShirt is a patent pending, post-surgery shirt, specifically engineered for anyone required to wear a sling. Utilizing embedded magnets, this unique, patent pending design enables an individual to dress independently without compromising the injured arm. SlingShirt is also the solution for the most critical time after shoulder or elbow surgery...helping the patient get dressed! 
Is SlingShirt® easy to put on and off?
Yes! Since the shirt opens and attaches with magnets, it’s very easy to slip the shirt on with your ‘good arm’ and reach over and attach the magnets on the shoulder, sleeve and down the side. The same is the case when taking-off SlingShirt, especially for those subsequent follow-up doctor/rehab visits. Very easy for the doctor to remove the shirt to exam the surgery area. For a step-by-step demonstration of how to put on a SlingShirt, go to ‘How To’.
Can I wear a SlingShirt® in public?
Absolutely! That’s another reason this shirt was invented. He wanted to provide a practical shirt to help patients during the difficult recovery time, but as importantly, to look good in public. People will find it hard to tell you’re wearing a shirt with magnets. They’ll think you have on a fashionable, high-end t-shirt.
Is SlingShirt® comfortable enough to sleep in?
Yes. Patients end up sleeping in their SlingShirt, especially the first few days after surgery. We suggest purchasing a minimum of 2 SlingShirts, so you have one to sleep in.
Is SlingShirt® one size fits all?
No, SlingShirt is unisex with sizes from Small to XXXXL. It will help to check the sizing chart on the Order Now page.
Is SlingShirt® available for either arm?
Yes! We have SlingShirt's to accommodate right or left arms. When placing your order, designate which Sling Side you need, Right or Left. You also have a choice of Black or Navy Blue. Available sizes are Small to XXXXL.
I normally wear a 2X, will SlingShirt® size XXL fit me?
There is a sizing chart on the Order Now page. Before you order, check your measurement across the chest. If your belly is much larger than the chest size, go up a size. Otherwise, SlingShirt may be a little tight across the belly.
I’m a 38D and wear a Large t-shirt. Will a Large SlingShirt® fit me?
A Large will be tight. We recommend going up a size.
Is SlingShirt® missing a magnet under the arm?
There are five (5) magnets on the shirt: three (3) on the shoulder/sleeve and two (2) down the side of the shirt. The area under the arm is without a magnet so the arm can breathe and not perspire or develop a rash.
What kind of bra do women wear with SlingShirt®?
Nurses suggest that women wear a Bandeau Bra or tube top. Since there are no straps, nothing will be tight on the shoulder.
I’m a woman and wear a size small. Will your SlingShirt® Small size fit me?
SlingShirt smalls will fit a woman size 2-4. It is a straight-type of shirt with no blousing or flaring-out If you are big busted, we recommend that you go up one size
Does SlingShirt® wash well?
Yes, there is no problem washing and drying SlingShirt. We suggest to close-up the magnets of the shirt before putting in the wash. Dry on Low.
I live alone and MUST be able to dress myself. Will I be able to put SlingShirt® on?
Yes, Absolutely! I created SlingShirt because I had no one around to help me get dressed after my shoulder surgery. Before your surgery, practice putting SlingShirt on in front of a mirror. Follow the instruction card that comes with the shirt and posted on the How To section of the website. You can also view my 2 minute instructional video on the website or YouTube. After a couple times, you’ll be able to put your SlingShirt on in no time!
Should I bring my SlingShirt® with me the day of my surgery?
Absolutely! SlingShirt is the best post-op shirt to have! It helps the nurses and/or family members make sure you get dressed easily and without compromising your surgery.
Why did you invent SlingShirt®?
SlingShirt was invented by a college baseball player that had shoulder (labrum) surgery. Since the first few weeks were so critical after surgery that he not move his injured arm, he needed a way to easily dress himself and look presentable since he was still attending classes on campus. Thus, SlingShirt was born. For more, go to SlingShirt Story.
What do surgeons, clinical nurses and patients think of SlingShirt®?
The reaction from all has been nothing short of fantastic. Surgeons like SlingShirt because of its ease to put on without compromising the surgery/injury. Surgical nurses like SlingShirt because it makes that time in the recovery room much easier, immediately after surgery, when the patient needs to get dressed. Patients tell us that they can’t believe how easy it is to put on and how comfortable it is. All have told us, this is a product that was long overdue.
Are there any risks with the embedded magnets in SlingShirt®?
There are two very important things to be aware of with SlingShirt and the embedded magnets. Those individuals with pacemakers or similar medical devices SHOULD NOT wear a SlingShirt due to the magnets. Also, because of the magnets, DO NOT wear a SlingShirt during a MRI exam.