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Having Shoulder Surgery? - New Post Surgery Clothing Available

How to wear the SlingShirt

  1. Get in front of a mirror.
  2. Have shirt completely opened and slide your mobile arm through the sleeve acting as a clothesline for your shirt.
  3. Lift shirt vertically overhead letting the shirt slide down your arm so it’s resting on your mobile shoulder.
  4. With mobile arm, reach over your opposite shoulder and grab the back piece of the shirt by the collar magnet.
  5. Having the back piece of the shirt resting on your shoulder, take the front piece of the shirt by the collar magnet and attach both magnets at the collar first by overlapping the front piece with the back. Attach remaining magnets on sleeve and side of the shirt. The front piece always overlaps the back!
WARNING: Those with pacemakers or similar medical devices SHOULD NOT wear a SlingShirt due to the embedded magnets. Also, DO NOT wear a SlingShirt during an MRI exam.