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Having Shoulder Surgery? - New Post Surgery Clothing Available

SlingShirt Story

Growing up as a baseball player, I was no stranger to injuries. Nearly finished with my college career, my shoulder finally went. A 12-8 labral tear was the diagnosis requiring me to undergo surgery and to ultimately be fastened in an arm sling for at least 6 weeks. Being the active, independent person I am, I really wanted to tackle this on my own.

With the help of my Mom, we brainstormed on what would be the immediate thing I would need help with directly after surgery… getting dressed wearing an arm sling! In order for my surgery to be a success, I had strict requirements to not move my arm vertically or horizontally for 6 weeks! This really constricted my freedom and as a 22 year old college student about to graduate, I couldn’t even fathom my Mom living with me and dressing me for over a month. I needed a shirt that I could put on by myself, but without moving a muscle in my right arm so I didn’t compromise the surgery, while also looking presentable in public. I was basically ordered to get dressed one-handed. There was no way I could do that independently, even with a button down dress shirt since I was required to keep my arm directly at my side.

A few weeks before the surgery, my Mom was cutting and sewing up prototypes. The requirements were simple. I needed a shirt that was comfortable, presentable, and something that was easy to get on and off, with one hand. We experimented with every button, velcro, zipper and hook and loop system under the sun. None of these met my needs, because they required the use of two hands to put on the shirt, as well as taking it off. At this point, I couldn’t help but think that I needed a shirt that 'attached itself’. As I was standing in the kitchen wearing one of the prototypes contemplating on what to do next, I realized the answer was right in front of me. There was a piece of paper pinned up against a board, only being held by one thing; a MAGNET!

Before we knew it, SlingShirt was born! The magnets are superior to anything we tested or used before. When they are an inch or two away from each other, they ‘simply attach themselves’. More importantly, the strength of the magnet does not compromise the fabric so there’s no concern that the shirt will fall apart mid-day when you’re walking around. One less thing to stress over during my recovery wearing an arm sling. Taking off the SlingShirt is a breeze compared to any velcro, button, zipper or hook and loop system. You just simply pull it off.

SlingShirt is a patent pending, post-surgery shirt, specifically engineered for anyone required to wear an arm sling. Its convenience, comfort and style separates itself from anything else available. I hope SlingShirt works as well for you, as it has for me.

JC Coban
Founder & President