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Having Shoulder Surgery? - New Post Surgery Clothing Available


We received the SlingShirts on Friday, the day of David's surgery. Though we didn't have them to take to the hospital, we have used them since he has been home. The design of the shirt allows me to get the shirt on him without removing his sling - carefully sliding the shirt under the sling strap and then closing the shirt. The magnets are very strong, but also easy to disconnect or reconnect with one hand. The fabric is very soft and David finds it very comfortable to wear. Thank you for sending both sizes - he is trying one of each size, and we will pass on the third shirt to his surgeon at his follow-up appointment. Thanks for your excellent customer service and your wonderful product! Count David and myself among your newest fans!
Amy H. - Georgia
Dear Mary. Thank you so very much for all of your help in purchasing SlingShirts for my husband. We are so grateful to have found the very answer my husband needed since his upper arm is broken and in a halter and sling. Not only did you help in choosing the correct size but we received his shirts within just a couple of days. I was so delighted when we received our shirts so quickly. We immediately put his shirt on him and had absolutely NO trouble getting it on quickly. He is comfortable once again and looks so nice. The V-neck is great because it is more comfortable around his neck and it looks very stylish. We are so impressed with his SlingShirts that we have purchased two more. We took pictures of my smiling husband and sent them to his friends and family. We will also be providing the information cards you have sent to my husband’s Orthopedist, our family Doctor, our Pharmacy and our local medical equipment store. Your son is a genius and you are a wonderful mother. We wish you all the success in the world. You have certainly provided much-needed help for all who have shoulder and arm injuries. And the bonus is that you are such a nice person! Thanks again!
Barbara H. - Kentucky
The SlingShirt Is Wonderful….Occupational Therapist & Physical Therapist had never seen one…They had to get all of your information…We told them to only talk to you…Appreciate all your expertise…Thanks for your product!!!
Mildred D. - Mississippi
Hi Mary. I just got home from my total reverse shoulder replacement at New England Baptist Hospital in Boston. It is one of the premiere joint replacement hospitals. They do all of the Celtics! SlingShirt is excellent! When I was getting discharged I showed the shirt to the OT. She had not previously known of the shirt. She thought it was great. I gave her one of your cards. I also showed it to my nurse, similar response. I have a follow-up with my surgeon in 2 weeks and will leave information with him. His binder for his patients mentions the velcro shirt. I think SlingShirt is much better and has advantages over other designs. I think he will be impressed. You have a fantastic product. Good luck and thanks again.
Ron C. - Massachusetts
Hi Mary. Just wanted to let you know how well the SlingShirt is working out for my husband Greg after his shoulder surgery on Friday. I took it with me the day of surgery (as you suggested) & they put it on Greg in recovery. It has been a less thing to have to worry about. Greg says it's soft & very comfortable. We gave them the SlingShirt flyer at the surgery center…they had never seen anything like it and raved about it since it also made their job easier too! We will give one to his surgeon at Greg's first post-op appointment. Thanks again for all of your help and advice. We very much appreciate the personalized service we received. You can be sure that we will highly recommend the SlingShirt.
Donna R. - Pennsylvania
I just wanted to thank you for the prompt delivery of my order. Having surgery scheduled for Thursday, I learned of SlingShirt the Saturday before and placed my order that day. I received my order by Tuesday. Just in time for my surgery. As for the SlingShirt itself, it’s an amazing product. After having full rotatory cuff surgery, this shirt has been so helpful and a blessing. Thank you!
Sal P. - Pennsylvania
I had my other shoulder done years ago and remember the biggest issue was finding clothes to wear. When I saw the SlingShirt, I knew this was the solution. I love the soft fabric; easy to put on and it washes great. It's cool to wear, doesn't wrinkle and allows me to go out in public easily. My doctor was impressed when I showed the SlingShirt to him. He brought in all the staff and plans to order flyers & placards for his office. Wished I had ordered in time to take to hospital. Order before the surgery!
Darlene D. - Oklahoma
Hi Mary. I'm in my sixth week of recovery from rotator cuff surgery. I love my SlingShirts! The recovery room nurses appreciated the easy dressing, too. The sizing suggestion is right, even though the XL SlingShirt is long on me, it fits properly through the chest (for ladies with D+ cup size) as I normally wear mediums and larges. As you know, these surgeries can be challenging so the ease of dressing makes a big difference in boosting morale. The shipping was fast which gave me time to assess whether this was a good purchase and it WAS! Thanks for a most helpful solution in dressing!
Gail W. - Washington
Hi Mary. We want to let you know how much we like your son’s SlingShirt invention. My husband’s surgery was last week and he’s worn his SlingShirts EVERYDAY! I’ve washed and dried the shirts according to the directions and they are superb after each use. Barry had his first follow-up appointment with his doctors on Monday. We told Dr. S. and the residents, about the SlingShirts prior to getting them in the mail. When Dr. S. and Dr. T. walked into the room, they asked about the SlingShirt. We were able to show them how it works. They were impressed as well as we definitely are. Everyone loves the SlingShirt! Thank you so much for your help and kindness.
Nancy E. - Louisiana
Thank you for the SlingShirts. I put it on immediately and it made my day! What a great product. So much so that it made me feel good enough to want to go outside and take a walk. Definitely helping with my recovery. Thanks again!
Tom P. - Illinois
Hello Mary. Oh my gosh! Was Steve’s shirt ever a big hit at the surgical center! It is really sooo soft and cozy!! Every little bit helps when recuperating from a surgery and this shirt is really going to help. Thank you sooo much for inventing such a wonderful product! I know it will help so many in their recoveries!
Leslie J. - Illinois
The surgery center staff were amazed with my SlingShirt! It’s so easy to put on especially since my shoulder is immobilized. Thank you!
Joyce G. - California
These SlingShirts are great! Absolutely great! The XXL is nice and roomy for my fluffy 83 year old figure. Fits like an A-Line. I love the fabric and the delightful ease of getting into the shirt. I have no trouble fastening the SlingShirt by myself and I’m grateful for that! Love those magnets! Both your shirts and service are magnificent. Thank you very much.
Diana F. - Florida
I just wanted to let you know that the nurses at the surgical center were amazed when they put my SlingShirt on me following today’s surgery. They could’t wait to set the pamphlets out in the waiting room. I explained to them how well they’re made and how this shirt is a lifesaver for me. Thanks again for your help! And my neighbors also thank you because at least I’m able to get dressed!!
Kathy D. - Ohio
I have had one of your SlingShirts on every day since my surgery five weeks ago! I don't know what I would have done without them. I have recommended them to everyone I know that has a shoulder surgery coming up or thinking about one.
Keith B. - Minnesota
This shirt is fantastic! My husband had rotator cuff surgery on Thursday … I ordered it Sunday evening and he had it in time to wear it home from the hospital. The fabric is so soft. It washed beautifully and very comfortable after a painful procedure. Thanks for the fast service, SlingShirt is a great product…we will sing your praises to everyone!
Anne H. - Florida
My wife ordered two SlingShirts prior to my rotator surgery in hopes they would make things easier for us during post-op. It was a pleasant surprise from discharge up to and including 2+ weeks after surgery. I was able to bathe and dress myself beginning 3 days after surgery and the shirt fell right into place each time I used them. We did not have to cut up any clothes as we had planned to do in the beginning. We do recommend to purchase at least 2 SlingShirts so you’ll have one to wear while one is being washed. My orthopedic surgeon had not heard of the shirt, but now has flyers in his exam rooms and the nursing staff is recommending them. We have put ours away just in case we have to do this again.
Bob M. - Mississippi
I had my surgery Tuesday and I’m wearing my SlingShirt and I Love It! The nurses were more than excited when I gave them the packet of information you included. Someone else had brought one in last week for their surgery and the nurses were taking mine around showing the other nurses how nice and easy the shirt was to get on after surgery. Thank you for creating a shirt that makes rotator cuff surgery a little easier to function around.
Sherry C. - Georgia
The shirt was very helpful for the first 2+ weeks after rotator cuff surgery on my dominant side. Easy to put on and remove while wearing a sling/brace. Great design - caught the attention of the PAs when I was able to remove and put it on without assistance! I purchased 2 of them to allow for washing cycles. Thank you and good luck with your business.
Rick W. - Idaho
Thank you so much for SlingShirt. I ordered it for my friend. She has kept one on everyday and one in the washer. Your shirts were so helpful during that first week. The nurses in the surgery center were so impressed. They want to be your reps! Thanks again.
Katherine E. - Virginia
Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating the perfect shirt for a sling wearer. I wondered if I was really going to need these, and my husband insisted that I get them. I’m so glad we did. We bought two. They’ve made our lives so much easier after my surgery. I’ll be taking the SlingShirt cards to my surgeon's office when I go for my post-op appointment. Can’t say enough good things about these shirts. This has been a game-changer. Made our lives easier in what is by definition a difficult time. Again, my thanks.
Barb P. - Florida
My SlingShirt worked great! Easy to put on when you become a one-handed person over night and you didn’t understand how much two hands and arms work in harmony to do almost every thing you do….dressing, eating, etc. Just to be able to put a shirt on easily is a relief! The SlingShirt really helped me out. Thanks!
Steve K. - Illinois
While preparing for my surgery, I did a whole bunch of research to prepare. In the course of my research, I came across SlingShirt. I was impressed with the thought that had gone into the shirts. I decided to give them a try. I am so happy I did! I had surgery one week ago to repair a torn rotator cuff and a bone spur. The shirts have exceeded my expectations. I find them to be easy put on and take off. They’ve also made it easy for my wife to help me with icing, bandage replacement, and general monitoring. At the surgical center, the day of my surgery, my attending nurse commented on the shirt and wished she had known about it before her father’s surgery. She then took the shirt and showed it to other nurses. SlingShirt became the topic of conversation for the morning. I would highly recommend these shirts!
Gerry C. - Oregon
The SlingShirt aided my recovery and was absolutely vital to staying comfortable during a time which was very challenging. I was in an accident and fractured my elbow. I had to have surgery that resulted in my arm being in a large soft cast and sling. It would have been impossible to use a normal shirt in this condition. Thankfully, there was the SlingShirt. I bought three of them and it was the only shirt I wore for three weeks following my surgery. Also, it needs to be said, these are high quality shirts! These are not your normal t-shirts, they are well made with an attractive V-shape neck cut that allows you to have some comfort and look good while recovering from an injury. I recommend this shirt to anyone with an arm injury that doesn’t have full mobility. Huge fan of this brilliant product!
Alec S. - West Virginia
I heard about the SlingShirt the day before my surgery from an ad in Outpatient Surgery Magazine. I placed the call and had some shirts the next day. How I wish I'd had them the day OF the surgery. The SlingShirt is truly easy to put on BY YOURSELF after shoulder surgery when you cannot move the operated on arm. I wore one for several days post op and wondered how I would have managed to get ANY shirt on with the post op pain from the cuff repair! The SlingShirt WORKS! Simple as that! Orthopedic surgeons should recommend these for ALL their shoulder patients to minimize the chance at injury just trying to get dressed! In fact, they should GIVE their patients at least one shirt for the immediate post op setting to show they care!
Hello Mary and JC. Just a quick left-handed note to let you know that my surgery is over and I am wearing my SlingShirt every day. I gave your shirt to my doctor today. He liked your shirt a lot and said he wished he had thought of it himself. The people at the physical therapy office also thought it was a great idea. So easy for them to get to the shoulder without hurting someone. Hope you all are doing well and thanks so much for creating this. I am grateful that you have developed the SlingShirt and thankful that I found your website before my surgery.
Pam R. - Virginia
The SlingShirt was very helpful during post shoulder replacement surgery. Brought it with me to the hospital and nurses and doctors were very impressed with it and had never seen it before. I even used it at home as the top to my pajamas. I know if it had been spring/summer, I would have worn it more since it looked so nice as well as being so functional. Glad I did practice with it a bit before my surgery. Overall, very easy to use. Thank you!
Marie S. - Kentucky
I bought this shirt for my fiance's surgery. We brought it directly to the hospital and the nurses were so impressed that we actually had a shirt for him to wear; they had never seen anything like it! They said most patients have to go home in their gown because they aren't able to put a shirt on post surgery. Our nurse brought in many other nurses to check out the shirt; they were impressed! Thanks for making something so practical! It was a huge help!
Stephanie K. - Illinois
The SlingShirt is just wonderful for anyone post surgery. My husband had rotator cuff surgery and unfortunately has to have it redone because he fell a few days after surgery. I immediately ordered more shirts so I wouldn't always be doing laundry. He wears these everyday due to the ease of dressing. We've shown the shirts to his Surgeon and his Physical Therapist. They were really impressed. Keep up the great work. We’ll be back for the right side next year.
Judy B. - Georgia
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